Murals by Aec Interesni Kazki painted since September 2014 to September 2016

* * *

'The Revolution' Mural by Aec . August 2016. Ibiza. Spain. Bloop Festival.

'Intuition or Sixth sense of Pedro' Part by Aec of collab mural with Waone in city of Gainesville. Florida. USA in January 2016. 352Walls project.

'Petrified science or archeological recursion'. Mural by Aec created in Valladolid, Mexico. February 2016 year. Zentik Project.

'Capoeira fighter - Banisteriopsis caapi'. Collab mural Aec with Waone. Painted in Sao Paulo. Brasil in November 2015. Obra Fesival.

"Odysseus escape from Polyphemus'. Mural by Aec. Painted in Catania. Sicily, Italy. July 2015. Emergence Festival.

'Memory Of The Land'. Mural by Aec.Created in Perth, Australia in April of 2015. Form project.

'Seller of Black Holes' Mural by Aec. Painted in Varkala. India in February 2015. Self made.

'Reappearance of Ancient civilization' Mural by Aec painted in Ayia Napa. Cyprus. November 2014. Ayia Napa Street Art Festival.

'Ukrainian St. George'.  Mural by Aec in  Kiev. Ukraine. October 2014. Self made.

'The Lighthouse' Mural by Aec. Painted in Aalborg. Denmark in September 2014. Weaart project.

*  *  *

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