"Eternal Reccurence"

"L'Eterno Ritorno"/ "Eternal Reccurance".
Painting by Waone on silos in port of Catania, Sicily.

The "Seeing Eye of Helios" with solar shine, running on the 
"Sandglass of duality" is my interpretation of one of the most ancient
solar symbol and a symbol of passage of time - Triskelion.
According to ancient greek mythology, Triskelion also is the symbol of Trinacria,
Helios' Island or Sicily. Helios was the Titan god of the sun,
he was also the guardian of oaths and the god of gift of sight. 

"Seeing Eye of Helios" on the "Sandglass of duality" 

9 days of work on 30 meters hight silos.

The story line around the rock is from greek mythological story about
Perseus and Medusa The Gorgon, which took place on Sicily, as well.


Inscription on the rock:
"Having a weak volition, Children of the Goddess Api excruciate heavily.
Its easier to repent in the mud of Acheron, than to possess themselves". 
*Goddess Api is the Scythian goddess of the Earthly World,
Children of the Earthly World means material minded people or sinners, in Christian tradition.

*In ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was known as the river of woe in the Underworld.
Also Etruscans had the "books of Acheron," instructions for the soul after material body`s death.

The inscription was taken from the Etruscan artifact, found in Anzi, Basillicata.

The inscription is a mix of ancient greek letters and slavic runes. 

"Homo insectum"
mural detail.

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"Odysseus escape from Polyphemus" mural

"Fuga di Ulisse da Polifemo"
"Odysseus escape from Polyphemus" 

My interpretation of Ulysses and Polyphemus mith, related to modern Sicily, to the topic of relations between politics and mafia, between italian government and local sicily traditions

Mural in Catania, sea port area. Sicily
by Aec


Blinded Polyphemus


Mountain Etna on background

30 metres hight

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"Memory of The Land" mural by Aec

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  Mural " Memory of  The Land"
Created in Western Australia, Perth city. By this work I showed contrast between past and modern, 
between precolonial and colonial part of australian history.On the central, highest part I create image of Banksia flower - human, that symbolize native aboriginal man, because Banksia plant has came from the earth of western Australia and continue to exist in harmony with nature. In the center of the human body there is turning wheel and running red man in it, that is symbolize non stopping heart. Heart - man has the key to the eyes of the rock - head, that  Banksia - man keeps above, in his left hand.
Rock - head and other stones in the mural are symbolize eternity, memory and highest spiritual mind 
Lower part of the mural is symbolize modern time since colonial history began
Kangaroo - humans are symbolize modern inhabitants – new aborigines of Australia ,main interests of them are business, fashion, consuming and use of the natural environment, like all other representatives of modern consuming civilization on The Earth
In another hand Banksia man keeps flowers – skulls, that is native aboriginals souls - colonization victim..

"Memory of The Land" by Aec
Perth. Western Australia. 


Rocks know everything

Banksia flower - human

 Heart - man, who has the key to the eyes

Native aboriginals souls - colonization victim..

Modern australian aborigines

Rocks remember everything

Rocks hear and see everything

In progress:

 With my best assistant Keith Kendall

Thank to all who helped to make it happen!

AEC (Aleksei Bordusov) scaling the Central Institute of Technology, Perth to complete his mural #PUBLIC2015
Posted by FORM on Saturday, 18 April 2015

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"Rainbow Serpent"

"Rainbow Serpent"

mural by Waone


for Form in Perth, Western Australia.

 25, Aberdeen street, Northbridge.

Rainbow Serpent is Australian Aboriginal mythological figure, 

a common deity, often a creator god, in the mythology and a common

motif in the art of Aboriginal Australia. 

fragments and details:

Numbat the "light-eater". Numbat is a small marsupial that is found only in Western

Australia South West corner, numbats are Australia's only diurnal marsupial,

which means they are active during day. 

"Plantae - Animalia communication"

Southern Cross Grass-tree Blackboy, 
"Xanthorrhoea australis Crux"

"Rainbow Serpent's reptile seeing eye" and the Red-tailed black

cockatoo (Caloptorhynchus banksii) also known as Banksian

or Banks' black cockatoo (is named in honour of English naturalist,

botanist and patron of the natural sciences sir Joseph Banks,

who sailed on Captain Cook,s voyage 1768-1771.

Was the first person to take botanical samples of Eucalypts),

is a large black cockatoo native to Australia.


Together with Mark Collier, my assistant, photographer,
lift operator and a friend!


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