"The Big Bang"
Waone in Lublin, Poland 2012



"WAONE’s recent work completed in Lublin, Poland, a mural produced for the Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej Festival, can be seen as a perfect example of Interesni Kazki’s fine blend of religious, folk, and popular art, as well as their deeply allegorical, spiritual, symbolic way of working. A painting which is about the “origin of life”, as WAONE has revealed (after much coercion), the piece was an attempt, as he has said, to “illustrate the moment of creation from the Ancient Aryan legend of the birth of the Universe”: Whilst the golden box thus represent “the whole universe before the big bang”, the main character in the image “Brahma (the first person which born by primordial Light, outside of time and space) has opened the box and our reality appeared.  He put the reality into linear time, and Shakti (the energy, motherly aspect of God) was then born into our material world”. Not only showing the depth of meaning which is imbued into each image the Interesni Kaki produce, WAONE’s elucidation also reveals the way the duo attempt to positively affect their viewers through presenting “this world with something from above”. Yet at the same time, the pair argue that many of their images are beyond their own control, beyond their own understanding even. Producing many of their works through intuition then, a “mystical tool” through which they world is perceived beyond the “mind and body with its physical senses”, they feel that many of their contain a form of knowledge outside of purely verbal communication. Whilst their works contains multiple significations then, meanings whose original intentions may often seem occluded, what Interesni Kakzi always preserve is the status of their murals as windows onto different, perhaps more sacred worlds however: Seeing their production as a form of meditation or dream, a ritual in which their work emerges from the subconscious, they use their visual production to reveal a frequency which normally stands beyond the human mind, a “transference of consciousness” in which the image emerges from the actions of a stable body, yet returns to affect this same body in mysteriously prescient ways."

x  Dr Rafael Schacter  x
Honorary Research Fellow |  Department of Anthropology  | University College London

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