'Matriarchy'. Mural by Aec in Cologne, Germany.


My mural in Cologne, Germany.
It is multidimensional meaning of this piece and there is no particular signification of it,
but I had my own thought during the progress...
It is a kind of tribute to woman as a giver of new life and who doesn't usually start wars and supports peace.
Not accidentaly I have painted it in Germany, were women took huge part in rebuilding of Germany after WW2 and actually take main parts in leading the state so far.

Cologne. Germany. Cityleaks and Transurban projecs. September 2017


'CrossOver'. Collaborative mural between Aec and Saner.

Collaborative mural between Aec & Saner.
Painted in Fort Smith, Arkansas in July of 2017.
As part of Unexpected project, curated by JustKids


   This mural is result of our research about the place, it's legends, history and the modern times.
Cross over of civilalisations, cultures and times.
Left part is a vision of modern time - civilaliaztion of technical progress and multicultures,
world of migrations, urbanization and of phenomen that is everething  is 'made in China'.
Right part is a image of native civilalisations of the past in general and of  that land particular as well, with it's strong culture and belive in harmony with nature and spirituality.


Thanks to Yuliya and Lalix!

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'Trekkfugel' / 'Birds of passage'. by Aec

'Trekkfugel' / 'Birds of passage'.
My recent mural in Sandefjord, Norway for Art For All In The World Mural Project.
 Project dedicated to the topic of refugees and migration in the world, brings idea of  inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity.
 Huge thanks to the organization team, volunteers, artists and to all who took a part in it as either #interesnikazki #aecinteresnikazki #artforallintheworld

* * *


'Icarus' mural in Mexico city by Aec

  my recent mural in Mexico city.  
Location- Crossing of Av. Insurgentes and Av. Alvaro Obregon. 
 Special huge thanks to Babyrock for assist!  

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