"Reappearance of Ancient civilization" mural

"Reappearance of Ancient civilization" mural by Aec
Ayia Napa. Cyprus 2014
Ayia Napa Street Art Festival


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"Time for change" part 2

Our mural project in our hometown Kiev is done.
Due to difficult situation in Ukraine, we decided to support ukrainian people fighting for new, free, fair and happy society. We did 2 big murals in Kiev city centre with our own costs

"Ukrainian St.George" by Aec & "Time for change" part 2 by Waone
  The main idea of the project was to raise the patriotic spirit of the ukrainians and capture this moment in our history on a murals…

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My mural "Time for change"  took me 35 days of non stop painting. This one is my biggest mural i have ever done. The story is about global fight and local fight. The Cosmic Battle between Good and Evil, Light and Dark in Ukrainian fight for freedom. . This is the second part of diptych "Time for change". The first one dedicated to Ukrainian maidan, i did in jan 2014 in India.


"The Cosmic Battle between Good and Evil"

"Human involution technology"

"Under control"

"Indra-Zeus-Perun-Archangel Michael"

"pure patriotism"


"Novus ordo seclorum RIP"

"Mission failed"

signed by Vika Lopukhina calligraphy master

Captured by Eugene Time

Captured by Eugene Time

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 Aalborg, Denmark 2014

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"Temple of Equinox"

"Temple of Equinox"
ink drawing, 25x42 cm


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