'The Hatching of Humanity' mural by Aec

"The Hatching of Humanity". 
mural by Aec 
Painted in November 2016 for Heerlen Murals 
Heerlen, Netherlands

This mural is my view of eternal try of people to reach the Dream. The Earth in the picture is an egg, image of cradle for Humanity. It is not means it have to be destroyed and used but opposite- to be saved and cared. Blinded, climbing to another planet man is a image of Humanity. Second head with a third eye of this man is a image of ingenious people- mystics, scientists,artists, saints and others who have supernatural abilities to drive human race ,to be guides.. It is my vision but it is free to interpret and can have many other meanings.
This piece I have painted in new for me technique - combination of acrylic painting and ink drawing.  Special thanks to Raenys Martis!
This mural made in technique of combination of acrylic painting and ink drawing.
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